As old as time, deeply spiritual and intrinsically connected, India is one of the world’s most ancient and living civilizations, and is the 7th largest country in the world. With 2.4 per cent of the total surface area of the world, many of the Indian states themselves are larger than a number of countries of the world.

The geography of India is a showcase of diversity as it’s landscape varies from snow-capped peaks to deserts, plains, rainforests, hills, and plateaus. From the highest mountains in the world to a vast coastline of over 7000km, from the barren and hot Thar desert to the second coldest inhabited place on earth…India has a number of interesting geographical facts in its book.

An ancient landscape sculptured by force majeure over the ages it offers the most amazing locations for film & tv.

Hundred Frames provides location and production services to film, television, advertising, documentary and commercial photographers seeking to enhance their vision with the unique splendor that is India.